Risotto workshop

Date: Friday, November 30 - 10 am

Format: Hands on class - Three hours + lunch

Menu: Two seasonal Risotto - Crispy Risotto galette

Class Description:

Everyone loves risotto! One of the most successful dishes in the Italian culinary repertoire, the warming, comforting creamy risotto.

Risotto it is not just a mixture of rice and other ingredients but it’s prepared according to a well-defined method: in this three hours workshop, you will mastered the method and you will be able to prepare an endless variation of recipes following the seasonal products and your family personal tastes. Ingredients, saucepans, stock, butter, soffritto, timing, mantecatura…. you will learn everything !

Also, you will learn how to cook a crispy, delicious rice galette made with the risotto leftovers.

Gluten free class

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