Meringues magic

Date: Tuesday, December 2, 10 am

Format: la Pâtisserie - hand on class - 2 hours with coffee and tea

Menu: French Meringue: the Pavlova - mini meringues

Class Description:

Nothing better than meringues to indulge in a sweet and delighted moment.

In this class, one of  the favorite at Atmosfera Cucina, we will walk trough all the steps to realize the perfect french meringue: brilliant, white, crispy outside and chewy inside.

We will realize the Pavlova ( a giant meringue filled with fresh seasonal fruits and chantilly cream) and the individual mini meringues flavored with different nuts. You will love it!

Come to demystify the meringues making and be ready to impress family and friends with this polished dessert.  A pastry fear conquered!

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