• Classic Italian & French cooking

    A three courses seasonal menu class sharing the secrets and the joy on the cooking. From antipasti to dessert to immerse yourself in a culinary experience and learn the fundamental essentials of Italian and French cooking. Also in a gluten free vision. These classes are a gourmand walk trough Italy and France. The decadent elegance of the french cooking combined with the healthy and the classic modernity of the italian cuisine.

    This class offers great diversity and has a unique aura of conviviality that few can resist. Hands on class. You will learn the recipes of the day and how to reproduce them with other seasonal ingredients,  We will talk about italian and french culture, gastronomy, regional specialities and family traditions.

    It will be a great pleasure having you as my guest.

    Hands on class – 4 hours with lunch – $120

  • La Pâtisserie

    Discover the secrets and the history of the sumptuous french pastry and the regional  variety of the italian dolci. Learn how to reinvent  the classic recipes in a gluten free version, using new flours and flavors to bake with non-wheat flours such as teff, sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, chestnut …

    Following the seasons, you will learn how to prepare two or three pastries from scratch. You will discover the hidden techniques of sumptuous french desserts such as : Paris Brest, Fondant au chocolat, Soufflés au Grand Marnier, Madeleines au citron. After work, it’s time for tasting the delicious desserts you’ve just made with a cup of tea or coffee in a quiet and convivial atmosphere.

    To make a reservation, please send an email or make a call.

    Hands on class – 3 hours with tea and coffee – $90

  • Private lessons

    Available year-round by reservation. Let’s work together to improve your personal way to cook with a professional touch or learn how to prepare your dreaming menu.

    If you struggle with wheat issues, if someone of your family needs to avoid gluten and you are trying to combine a gluten and a gluten free kitchen, as I do, it will be my pleasure to help you in this potentially stressfull need.

    The private class allows full gluten menu. I will walk with you trough the pure classic Italian and French recipes: attending the miracle of a perfectly raised brioche, cooking the best al dente pasta, merging it with different velvety sauce, creating a perfectly flaky all-butter crust for sweet or savory tarts. And much more.

    Once you have a handle on a few different techniques, you’ll look forward to impressing family and friends with classic italian and french dinners.