Atmosfera Cucina is a special place that invites you to immerse yourself in a culinary experience, to learn the fundamental essentials of Italian and French cooking, and to share in the secrets and joys of the kitchen.

Located in Solana Beach, CA, It is not a classic cooking school, it is a real kitchen – my kitchen – filled with fresh flowers, antique dinnerware, cook books and delicious seasonal ingredients.

It is a functional, cozy and esthetic space offering rendez-vous gourmands with others who share my passion for the pleasure of good food, entertaining and conversation around the table.  Beginners to experts, are all welcome.

Our classes consist of small, collegial groups. After a coffee espresso welcome and a short menu presentation, we will tie on our linen aprons and begin to cook. Every session is intimate and hands-on, which allows us to examine the right cooking for vegetables and al dente pasta, to verify the thicknesses of sauces, and to crumble flour and butter with our fingers. We will work with gf ingredients and we will use all the different flavors and flours as “main characters” without the support of the wheat, using diverse cooking techniques to achieve new dishes with a variety of flavors, adapting and reinventing classics recipes into a modern, gluten-free lifestyle.

Atmosfera cucina is much more than a traditional cooking school: you will float in a unique atmosphere, a combination between a touch of a real family kitchen, and a hint of the knowledge of a passionate expert. In my idea of kitchen, conviviality is just as important as the recipe, so at the end of the class we can sit together at my old English farm table to taste and enjoy the seasonal menu that we have prepared. Cooking and conversation!

The pleasure of cuisine can be contagious and the chances to utilize your newfound knowledge are endless: a warm family dinner, a relaxing party with friends, your children’s after-school snacks, a spring picnic, a romantic dinner.

A baby sitting service is available and moms are welcome to bring little ones.

To make a reservation, please check out the classes page and send me an email.

A bientôt