Traveling to Naples

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 9.30 am

Format: Classic menu - Hands on class - 3 hours with lunch

Menu: Stuffed endives - Italian tender polpettone - Sauteed vegetables with herbs and garlic - Torta Caprese

Class Description:


In this class, we will walk trough the decadent and busy streets of Naples where the regional recipes are the mirror of this generous land. You will transform the endives in a package full of surprising ingredients: stuffing, braising, browning… how dense this class will be!

We will create the most tender meatloaf with seasonal ingredients and we will explore how to create a brand new recipe starting with the most common ingredients present in the fridge. And then, il Dolce,  the flour less cake with chocolate and almond: la Caprese.

At the end of the class, I bet, you will fly direct to Naples to keep exploring his endless culinary traditions.


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